If you've been enjoying my 10,000 Step Challenge Workout, you will love this too! This workout combines low impact movements to get your daily steps in AND standing ab exercises to work on your core. This is great for beginners, overweight and anybody who wants to move more daily and stay active!

Duration: 25 minutes (including warm-up and cool down)

Circuit: 40 secs Cardio - 20 secs Abs

Total Steps: 3,000 on average


1) March on the Spot

Abs - Side Crunch (right)

2) High Knee

Abs - Side Crunch (left)

3) Low Impact Jacks

Abs - Cross Crunch

4) Step Kick

Abs - Side Bend

5) Step Curl

Abs - Hip Thruster

6) Step Reach

Abs - Wood Chop (right)

7) In-Out Step

Abs - Wood Chop (left)

8) Step Run

Abs - Balancing Crunch (right)

9) Step Run

Abs - Balancing Crunch (left)

10) Side Step Floor Tap

Abs - Hold Squat Twist





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