[LIVE] Abs, Butt & Thigh Home Workout (No Equipment)

By Joanna 06/04/2020 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body
Abs & Core


I did a LIVE workout with all of you. If you missed it, here it is! This is a Triple Threat workout focusing on your Abs, Butt & Thighs. No Equipment needed. Just yourself and a small space. Let's SWEAT and BURN CALORIES!!

1) Squat & Twist
2) In-Out Squat Jump
3) Wide Squat Heel Lift
4) Lunge to Curtsy
5) Glute Kickbacks
6) Hip Bridge March
7) V to Knee Tucks

Circuit: 45 secs Workout - 15 secs Rest
Repeated twice.

Estimated Calories: 150 - 220 Cals

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