Inner Thigh Gap & Slim Waist

By Joanna 22/10/2013 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


Here's your most requested workout to target and tone up your inner thighs at the same time to work on your waist line to give you a slim and sexy waist. Do this workout on a regular basis, 3 sets per session, 3 sessions weekly, and incorporate cardio on the other days. Have a clean and healthy meal plan for best result. Do check out my "Healthy Meal Plans, Food & Nutrition Playlist" to guide you through.

p/s Inner thigh gap is based on genetics and your bone structure - how wide your hip bones are apart. Not everyone can have inner thigh gap but we can tone our inner thighs up. Remember that we are all equally beautiful with or without inner thigh gap!

Lots of Love xx

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