Hot Arms on Fire

By Joanna 18/02/2019 In
Workout With Me
Upper Body


Melt those bingo wings away and sculpt your arms with this workout. This arm workout works will help you get toned feminine arms and go sleeveless with confidence. You’ll need a pair of light-weight dumbbells, between 2 - 4kgs each. If you do not have one, be creative, make your own weight by filling up bottles with stones or water!



1) Scarecrow Squeeze

2) Upright Row to Front Raise

3) Steering Wheel

4) Weighted Punch

5) Reverse Fly with Rotation

6) Round the World

7) Tricep Kickback

8) Plank Twist


Interval: 12-15 reps per exercise

Repeat 3 Sets

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