Absolute Beginner Bodyweight Workout (No Weights, No Jumping)

By Joanna 09/12/2020 In
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Absolute Beginner


Here's an absolute beginner bodyweight workout to get you started. No weight, no jumping! We will be focusing on simple beginner exercises targeting every major muscle group; thighs, bums, core, arms, shoulders, back and chest. You’ll be guided through each exercise to make sure that you're executing proper form and get the results you deserve.


Duration: 30 minutes

Sequence: 40 secs Work - 20 secs Rest (x3 circuits)

Estimated Calories Burned: 250 - 300 Calories



1) Squat

2) Reverse Lunge with Rotation

3) Cursty Lunge Pulldown

4) Squat to Lunge



1) Knee Push-up

2) Tricep Dip

3) Superman

4) Knee Push-up to Superman



1) Russian Twist

2) Single Leg Knee Tuck

3) Mountain Climber

4) Plank

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