500 Abs on Fire Challenge

By Joanna 11/03/2019 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core


Let’s challenge your core strength and endurance by completing this workout. NO crunches at all. We want to target your core muscles from all angles - upper and lower abs, obliques as well as the lower back. This challenge is suitable for all levels. 10 exercises, 25 reps each, repeated twice through. For best results, combine this challenge with total body strength and cardio exercises.



1) Cross Climber

2) Knee Tucks

3) Spiderman

4) Russian Twist

5) Bear Jacks

6) Flutter Kicks

7) Reverse Plank

8) Straight Alternating Legs

9) Plank Hip Dip

10) Half Wiper


Perform 25 reps for each exercise, before moving on to the next workout. Complete 2 rounds through and that'll be a total of 500 reps!

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