4-Minute PLANK to Strong Sexy ABS & ARMS (Do It!)

By Joanna 30/10/2015 In
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Abs & Core


Here's your challenge, for the next 4 weeks, complete this 4-Minute PLANK Challenge at the end of every workout session. Don't worry if you can't complete the entire 4 minutes. Keep pushing yourself a little further every time. You will only get stronger and in 4 weeks time, trust me, you'll be able to complete this challenge!! Keep me updated with your progress in the comments below.

Duration: 4 minutes
Circuit: 8 exercises. Complete 1 circuit at the end of every workout session.
Interval: 30 secs each plank and straight on to the next plank without any rest in between. Beginners, you can perform 20 secs each plank and rest 10 secs between exercises.
Estimated Calories Burned: 30 - 35Cals (based on 1 circuit)

1) Plank Hip Dips
2) Plank Cross Touch
3) Plank Jacks
4) Push-Up to Plank
5) Spiderman Plank
6) Lateral Plank Walk
7) Plank Knee Tucks
8) Reverse Plank

Lots of Love xx

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