4-Minute High Intensity Fat Burning Legs Workout

By Joanna 03/04/2015 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


Here are my favourite leg exercises, which helped me to burn fat, tone, sculpt my legs, thighs & bums and even get rid of cellulite! This workout is SHORT & INTENSE!
At the end of this workout, I can guarantee you, your legs will be on FIRE!! 4 exercises, 4 minutes (20 secs workout with 10 secs rest interval)
1) In & Out Squats
2) Rotate Squat Jumps
3) Lateral Jumps
4) Jumping Lunges

If you are feeling strong, take a one minute break and repeat the entire workout once more. That will give you a solid 10 minutes leg workout.

Do it 2 – 3 times weekly on alternate days, and in 4 – 6 weeks time, trust me, you will see and feel the difference. All the best!  

Lots of Love xx

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