35-Minute Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells

By Joanna 22/03/2021 In
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Strength Training
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In order to get stronger, lean up and lose weight, you have to lift weights! Strength training will NOT make you bulky, but rather it will help to increase your metabolism, making your body burn fat more efficiently and to give you that toned and sculpted look.

I perform strength training at least 3 - 4 times weekly and you should too. This workout is a total body strength training using a pair of medium weight dumbbells, between 4 - 5kgs each. If you can lift heavier, then do choose a heavier pair of dumbbells to challenge your muscles. The technique used in this workout is called SUPERSET, that means we will be doing 2 exercises back to back with minimal rest in between. We'll be targeting your legs, butt, arms, chest, back and also abs!

This workout is mainly low impact, with a short cardio blaster at the end of each circuit to drive your heart rate up. Only 35 minutes, but you'll be getting a solid full body workout!


Circuit: 6 rounds, repeat each round twice

Sequence: 40 secs Work - 20 secs Rest

Duration: 35 minutes


1) Goblet Squat

2) Curtsy Lunge

Cardio: Squat Jump



1) Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press

2) L Raises

Cardio: Punches



1) Glute Bridge

2) Kneeling Hip Thruster

Cardio: In-Out Squat



1) Push-ups with Shoulder Tap

2) Bridge Pullover

Cardio: Lateral Shoot Through



1) Renegade Row

2) Superman Squeeze

Cardio: Skaters



1) Full Crunches

2) Plank Arm Raise

Cardio: Mountain Climbers



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