30-Minute Upper Body & Abs Compound Circuit (Sculpt & Tone)

By Joanna 19/08/2020 In
Workout With Me
Upper Body
Abs & Core



I've been struggling to tone up my upper body, as it tends to hold on to lots of stubborn fats. But I've seen great results with this workout. This is a strength endurance workout with COMPOUND exercises targeting the UPPER BODY and ABS. You’ll need a pair of medium weight dumbbells.

Not only will these moves increase your overall strength and endurance, but they’ll create a more symmetrical build, and improve your core strength for everyday functional fitness!



1) Squat & Press

2) Lunge & Twist

3) V-Tucks

Cardio: Skaters



1) Push-up + Renegade Row

2) Burpee & Upright Row

3) Reverse Plank Crunch

Cardio: Jumping Jacks



1) Plank to Lateral Raise

2) Superman Squeeze

3) Plank Up Down

Cardio: Plank Jacks




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