30-Minute Toning Chair Workout (No Jumping, No Weights)

By Joanna 12/05/2020 In
Workout With Me
Strength Training
Low Impact


Got a chair at home? Let’s do this workout! This workout firms and burns much more that you’d think. It’s a total-body strength workout to TONE & LEAN UP the entire body!

Interval: 40secs Workout - 20secs Rest

Sequence: Repeat x2

Duration: 30 minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 180 - 250Cals

Circuit 1:

1) Narrow to Wide Squat

2) Tip Toe Squat

3) Single Leg Lunge

4) Side Lunge

5) Kickback

6) Knee to Side Raise


Circuit 2:

1) Elevated Push-up

2) Tricep Dip

3) Alternating Knee Tuck

4) Cross Crunch

5) Mountain Climber

6) Hip Thruster

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