30-Minute Low Impact Bodyweight HIIT for Fat Loss

By Joanna 15/04/2021 In
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Total Body HIIT
Low Impact


Low impact does not mean low intensity! It simply means putting less impact on the body, especially the joints. This workout class combines the benefits of a HIIT workout but with a safer and gentler approach that is easier on the body. It will still get your heart rate up, burn calories, improve cardio fitness and muscle strength, and at the same time, protects you from injury, joint damage and pain. Plus, you won’t need any equipment, just your bodyweight! This class is perfect for everyone, whether you are overweight, new to fitness, or even for those who want to mix it up with their usual HIIT routine and give their joints a break!

Workout Duration: 30 minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 200 - 300 Calories

Sequence: 45 secs Work - 15 secs Rest (Repeat each circuit twice)


  1. Squat to Tiptoe
  2. Kneel to Squat Pulses
  3. Side to Curtsy Lunge
  4. Sprawl


  1. Up-Down Plank & Switch Climbers
  2. Mountain Climbers & Push-up
  3. Back Extension with Shoulder Squeeze
  4. Lateral Bear Crawl


  1. Spider & Cross Plank
  2. Crab Toe Touch
  3. Plank to Beast
  4. In-Out Plank


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