30-Day Core & Cardio Challenge to Burn Belly Fat

By Joanna 01/10/2019 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core


Abdominal exercises are important to strengthen the core. But doing that alone will not help you burn off excess belly fat. This workout combines both core exercises together with bodyweight cardio to give you a stronger and more defined abs, while keeping your heart rate pumping, to maximise fat burn!



1) V-Tucks

2) Plank Rock

3) Jumping Jacks

1-min Rest


1) Knee Tucks

2) Plank Up-Down

3) Wide Squat Cross

1-min Rest


1) Criss Cross Scissors

2) Spiderman Plank

3) Kneel to Squat

1-min Rest


1) Russian Twist

2) Plank Hip Dip

3) Burpees

1-min Rest



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