25-Minute BUTT & THIGH Cardio Blaster

By Joanna 10/09/2019 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


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This is a 25-minute butt and thigh focused exercises with a short cardio blaster to maximize calorie burn and build strength.It's a great circuit to push yourself that extra mile, especially if you want a good solid workout in a short time frame!

Beginners, you can do the workout without any dumbbells. For those who want more challenge, lift heavier!



1) Goblet Squat

2) Squat Pulse + Jump

3) Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

4) Reverse Lunges with Knee Up



1) Dumbbell Sumo Squat

2) Sumo Squat Pulse Criss Cross

3) Hip Thrust

4) Donkey Kick

*Complete each circuit x2 with 1-minute break in between

Total Workout Time: 25-Minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 170 - 230 Cals

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