1000 Cardio & Core BURN Challenge

By Joanna 23/08/2017 In
Workout With Me
Total Body HIIT


Are you ready to BURN?! Let's do this 1000 Cardio & Core Challenge. Our goal is to complete 1000 repetitions of these exercises by the end of 4 weeks! Repeat each exercise 25 repetitions. 1 set is 250 repetitions. Aim to do this challenge at least 3 - 4 times weekly.

1st week x1 set

2nd week x2 sets

3rd week x3 sets

4th week x 4 sets


1)Jumping Jacks

2) Squats

3) Skaters

4) Push-Ups

5) Mountain Climbers

6) Plank Jacks

7) Hip Thrusts

8) Crunches

9) Flutter Kicks

10) In-Out Squats

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