My Life as a Fitness YouTuber

By Joanna 30/11/2017 In


It's been 4.5 years since I started on this journey of sharing fitness videos online. What goes on behind the camera? What do I do on a daily basis? I put this video together to share with you a glimpse of what drives me every single day.

When I started, my intention was wanting to help and educate people on living a healthier and happier life. I always tell myself, if my video can reach out to just one people to inspire them to take action and change his/her life around for the better, then I'll continue producing these videos. Although many things have changed since then, that one purpose has not and will NEVER change.

We are now a family of 1 million and I'm ever so grateful for all your love and support. This won't be possible without your trust in me. =)

I used to do EVERYTHING on my own from conceptualising the ideas to writing, filming, editing etc. It was a one-woman show and it can get really stressful and lonely. Now, I'm blessed with a small team to assist me but I still am very much involved in the entire video process. Hey, I love it!

I started HER Network this year as well because I believe in collaborating with like-minded women to bring you different aspects of health & fitness, which may not be my speciality. When we come together and work together, we can create greater things and I truly hope that you'll share this vision with me too.

I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know what you love about my channel, how can we improve together and what you'd love to see more of in the comments below. Your feedbacks matter to me. =)

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