Beach Body ARMS & ABS

By Joanna 24/07/2018 In
Upper Body
Abs & Core


It's summer, the sun is out, and let's get into our bikini! I want to get you beach body ready with this ARMS & ABS workout. It's a low impact workout, with no equipment and you can do this from your home or by the beach. =)

Interval: 40secs Workout - 20secs Rest

Total Workout Time: 17mins

Equipment: None.

Estimated Calories Burned: 100 - 130 Cals

Frequency: Every day!



1) Bear Jacks

2) Single Leg Pushup to Downward Dog

3) Knee to V Tucks

4) Cross Climber

5) Side Plank Twist

6) Lateral Plank Walk with Spiderman

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