Truth Behind Food Labels with Filipino YouTubers

By Joanna 10/03/2017 In
Nutritional Tips


What happens when you strip off all the "fancy" food labels and make your decisions just based on the taste? We are easily "fooled" and confused by what the food industry wants us to believe - low fat, fat free, no added sugar, gluten-free, low calorie etc. Are these labels what they claimed to be?

I was invited to go to Manila by YouTube and had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the top YouTube creators there. I decided to put them through a "food experiment" and really explore the taste of each food, WITHOUT knowing what the labels are on them.

Watch this video through and learn more about the TRUTH behind food labels and how not to be fooled or confused by it.

The food I used in the video are:
1) No Added Sugar Jam vs Sugar Added Jam
2) Gluten-Free Cookies vs Normal Cookies
3) 0% Fat Yoghurt vs Full Fat Yoghurt
4) Sugar-Free Granola Bar vs Suger Added Granola Bar
5) Salt Reduced Baked Beans vs Normal Baked Beans
6) 100% Orange Juice vs Sugar Added Orange Juice
7) Vegetarian & Fat Reduced Mayo vs Full Fat Mayo
8) Regular Coke vs Coke Zero


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