My Weekly FOOD Shopping (Healthy Grocery Guide)

By Joanna 28/09/2015 In
Nutritional Tips


Watch this video to see what's in my weekly Grocery List and share yours in the comments below. What you buy and store at home has a huge influence to your eating habits. If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, your food contributes 80% to your success. Hence, picking the right food is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. If you are new to healthy eating or you would like to know where to start, do watch my “7 Must Have in Your Grocery List” video for a basic food shopping guide here:

p/s I just moved to a new neighborhood so I’m still pretty much discovering the places around me. I've done my grocery shopping in the Tesco Extra just around the corner from where I live as it's the most convenient from where I am at the moment.

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