Most of you already know that I was travelling in Greece for 3 weeks and I had THE best Mediterranean Diet, which has helped me to maintain a healthy weight. I want to share with you my experiences, observations and the foods I ate while in Greece.

There are no restrictions or needing to go crazy about counting calories. You don't need to go on a low carb or low fat diet. You won't feel hungry, deprived or constantly crave for more food. It's a "diet" which you can maintain and enjoy long-term. You'll feel AMAZING and you SHOULD try it!

Watch this video to learn more about:
- the fundamental of the "Mediterranean Diet"
- how it can help you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight long term
- the kinds of food they eat
- how you can apply these tips into your lifestyle

TIPS to Eat like the Mediterranean People:
1) Pile on lots of vegetables & fruits
2) Fats are NOT forbidden!
3) Flavour with herbs & spices
4) Consume diary in moderation
5) Snack on nuts, seeds & dried fruits
6) Enjoy fish, seafood & poultry
7) They do eat bread, rice & pasta!
8) Watch your cooking methods!
9) Make eating a daily event
10) They do treat themselves

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