By Joanna 22/07/2014 In
Nutritional Tips


Watch this video through as I'll sharing more about Orthorexia and take a short quiz to check whether do you have a "Healthy Eating disorder".

Nowadays, we are hearing the term "Orthorexia" more frequently and there have been several "health food junkies" who came forward to share their own experiences.
- What does Orthorexia means?
- What separates an Orthorexic from a strict vegan, raw vegan, paleo, fruitarian, or just most of us who aim to eat healthy every day?
- What is the problem? Isn't it good to make healthy food choices all the time?
- What is the impact on an Orthorexic's mental, emotional and social well-being?

Ready to take the quiz? Do let me know how many 'yeses' you scored in the comments below or on my YouTube Channel.

If you think you might have an orthorexic family members or friends, don't forget to share this video to them too. =)

Whether or not you agree with the questions and explanations, I hope this video has given you an insight on finding the balance between healthy eating, yet to be conscious for it not to take over your life. So eat food that's both good for your body and soul. Lots of Love xx

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