Are You Overeating? 8 Types of Hunger

By Joanna 06/07/2021 In
Nutritional Tips


Are you overeating? The truth is, we don’t always eat because we are hungry! Ask yourself -

When was the last time you ate because you were truly hungry?

When was the last time you ate so much you felt absolutely stuffed?

How did you feel afterwards? Satisfied? Ashamed or guilty?

If your eating is out of control and you tend to think about food all the time, WATCH THIS VIDEO to discover the different types of hunger, learn to recognise why this is happening and to eat more mindfully. There are typically 8 types of hunger:

1) Physical Hunger

2) Nutritional Hunger

3) Emotional / Heart Hunger

4) Habit Hunger

5) Sense Hunger

6) Boredom Hunger

7) Environmental Hunger

8) Hormonal Hunger

Which type of hunger do you find yourself struggling with? Let me know in the comment section. 



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