7 Steps to Eat Cheat Meals & Lose Weight

By Joanna 21/11/2014 In
Nutritional Tips


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Good news! Having your favourite ‘naughty’ food or cheat meals occasionally can help to speed up weight loss! Watch this video to learn what is a "Cheat Meal" and 7 Steps to Eat Cheat Meals and Lose Weight.

1) Know how often you're going to cheat
2) Be mindful of your calories
3) Pre-plan your cheat meal
4) Build a positive relationship with food
5) Enjoy with all your senses
6) Learn to compromise
7) Be kind of yourself

Rewarding and recognizing your effort by enjoying cheat meals have been proven to increase motivation and contribute to a higher success weight loss rate. This is because cheat meal feeds the soul and feeding the soul keeps your mind and body at ease. So when you’re in balance with yourself, you’re most likely to stay focus and achieve your ultimate goal.

Lots of Love xx

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