28-Day SUGAR Detox Diet

By Joanna 09/04/2018 In
Nutritional Tips


How many of you think you’re addicted to SUGAR? Are you trying to break-up with SUGAR? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be doing this 28-Day Sugar Detox together. Complete Workout & Meal Plan will be provided.


1) For the first 2 weeks, the goal is to limit added sugar to no more than 25g or 6 teaspoons in a day. The next two weeks, completely eliminate ALL added sugars and only consume food with natural sugars, but still keeping it to a reasonable amount.

2) Start replacing refined sugar with healthier alternatives such as maple syrup, honey or stevia.

3) Start adding more fruits to satisfy your sugar cravings.

4) Try using less sugar or creamer into your coffee or tea.

5) Start swapping soda drinks for flavoured carbonated water that has no artificial sweeteners and slowly eliminating them all together. The goal is eventually to just drink water!

6) Learn to read and understand food labels because most of the foods, which you THINK are healthy may contain a lot of hidden sugars.

7) Your diet should consist mainly of whole foods and no processed foods at all. You’re basically eating a balanced diet rich in protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

8) The good news is that, your taste buds and palate CAN BE RETRAINED to adopt a less sugary lifestyle, and eventually you’ll not crave the same high-sugar foods as before.

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