15 Healthy Food Swaps

By Joanna 30/09/2016 In
Nutritional Tips


Have you gone down to road of making drastic changes to your eating habits, only to find yourself failing over and over again? The truth is, making drastic changes and expecting quick results, isn’t manageable and it may only work for a short period of time.

What we want to focus on is to learn to make small MANAGEABLE and SUSTAINABLE changes that will have a huge LONG TERM impact.

Start practicing these 15 simple food swaps and you will notice a difference to your body and also how you feel. What other food swaps have you tried? Let me know in the comments below. =)

15 Healthy Food Swaps
1) Granola vs Muesli
2) Latte vs Americano vs Green Tea
3) Mayo vs Yoghurt
4) Creamy Dressing vs Oil & Vinegar Based Dressing
5) Crips vs Popcorn
6) Creamy Soup vs Broth
7) Dairy Milk vs Almond Milk
8) Sodas vs Sparkling Water
9) Baguette vs Bread
10) Wrap vs Lettuce
11) Dried Fruits vs Fresh Fruits
12) White Sugar vs Stevia
13) Dairy Ice-cream vs Gelato
14) Red Meat vs Fish
15) Cake vs Jello

Lots of Love xx

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