This is a passion project which I've worked on for the past month as I really wanted to dive deep and share with everyone the impact of Covid-19 on the health & fitness industry. It has been incredible to interview all the individuals in the fitness industry in sharing their own personal experiences. I hope you'll enjoy this short documentary and gain some insights. However 2021 is going to be, let's promise each other that we'll prioritise our health, both physically and mentally and start the year strong! SHARE your thoughts with me below.


People in the video & where you can find them:

Raul Tapia - CEO, Maverix (

Tracy Minnoch - Co-Founder, Fire Fitness (  (

Samuel Canavan - Managing Director Asia-Pacific, ClassPass (

Aiman Asmawar - Founder, Oxygen Cycle ( (

Dennis Yin - Owner, House of Champions ( (

Kevin Zahri - Fitness Personality, Educator & Author (

Carlos Villa - Owner, Union Strength ( (

Linora Low - Coach, Wellness Personality & Content Creator ( (

Marco Velazquez - Fitness Trainer (

Marissa Parry - Parent & Owner of Casa Do Capoeira ( (

Sophie Ira - Fio App Subscriber

Yuli Salgado - Marco’s Online Client

Peter & Helen Weiss - Marco’s Online Clients




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