7 out of 10 adults suffer from Stress & Anxiety and I do go through it as well, due to the expectations I tend to put on myself. Hence, I wanted to put this video together because I wanted to share with you some of the tips I've been practicing to help me through my anxiety. I'm still learning to deal with it on a daily basis.


10 Tips to Deal with Stress & Anxiety

1) Deep Breathing

2) Write It Down

3) Reduce Caffeine

4) Meditate

5) Spend time with Nature

6) Spend time with Animals

7) Laugh More

8) Wind Down with Scented Candles & Music

9) Move

10) Check Your Diet


Do you suffer from it as well? Let me know in the comments below. I hope this video will help you through and for you to live a happier and more balanced life. Lots of Love xx



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