Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat

By Joanna 01/02/2017 In
Fitness Tips


I've created this video because a lot of you have been asking me on tips to lose belly fat. Do watch this video through as I aim to provide you with as much information to help you understand:

- What makes up Belly Fat?
- What are the hormones that trigger belly fat?
- Can 'dieting' help to beat belly fat?
- Are you doing the right kind of training to burn belly fat?
- What is the 'Belly Fat Fix'?
- What and how much should you eat?
- Discover the Belly Fat Meal Plans.

Here are the reasons mentioned in the video on Why Are You NOT losing Belly Fat:
1) Stressful Lifestyle
2) Lack of Sleep
3) Extreme Dieting
4) Wrong Kind of Training
5) Inflammation
6) Ageing

Lots of Love xx

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