Top 10 Common Fitness Questions

By Joanna 26/07/2013 In
Fitness Tips


Hi guys, there are several similar questions which you have been asking me over and over again in the videos. So, I thought it's best for me to make this video to help you in understanding some of the questions you might have.

If there are anything you would like to know more, please leave your comments. =)

1) How long will I see result?

2) How many sets / reps should I do in my workouts?

3) I want to lose weight, where do I start?

4) When is the best time to workout?

5) Should I do the same workout everyday?

6) My muscles are in pain the next day, what's happening?

7) I do not want to bulk up. Will this exercise make me bigger?

8) Will this particular workout make me lose fat on specific area?

9) How important is is my food intake in regards to losing weight?

10) I'm de-motivated because I'm not seeing results. =( what can I do?

Lots of Love xx

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