Period Cravings

By Joanna 28/03/2014 In
Fitness Tips


Period Cravings! Some of us have serious cravings during PMS, others experience them during our actual periods, and the lucky ones have no cravings at all. Personally, I tend to crave for 'rich' creamy food like ice cream, a week leading up to my period. Do you experience cravings and if so, what do you crave for?

In this video, I'll be speaking mainly about:

- The common food cravings before and during period.
- Why do we crave for these foods?
- 7 healthy ways to handle period cravings.
- 3 foods to limit before and during period.

It's important to note that we are all different and these cravings or symptoms may or may not apply to you. Therefore, during this special time of the month, listen to your body, feed your body with good foods, keep yourself hydrated, keep moving and rest when you need to. Your body knows best, listen to it! =)

Lots of Love xx

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