Nowadays, our lifestyles are causing us to have really BAD POSTURE from poor sitting habits such as slouching, sitting in front of the computer for a extended period of time, constantly texting and looking down at your phone, carrying really heavy bags or ladies, wearing high heels 24/7.

WATCH this video to learn the 4 common types of bad postures and how you can change it!

1) Lumbar Lordosis

2) Thoracic Kyphosis or Hunched back

3) Sway Back

4) Forward Head



When our spine is positioned in an unnatural alignment, the curves are exaggerated, which can be due to tight or weak muscles, resulting in bad posture. Uncorrected posture, overtime can lead to chronic pains.



A good posture is when you hold your body upright where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement.

It is extremely important to have a good posture! When you have proper posture, it improves bodily alignment, eliminates back and neck pain, improves circulation, improves digestion, improves breathing, makes you look taller, and also makes you look and feel confident.

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