How to Get a Slimmer & Sharper Face

By Joanna 02/09/2014 In
Fitness Tips


This is a frequently asked question by some of you on "How to Get a Slimmer & Sharper Face", basically how to lose fat on your face. Well if you’ve watched my “Ask Joanna” videos, you will know that it is NOT possible to spot reduce fat! When you lose weight, you lose all over the body, and this includes the face.

Sometimes, puffier face can also be caused by bloatedness. So the key to achieve a slimmer and sharper face is to lose fat and excess water from the body. Watch this video as I share my 5 simple diet and lifestyle tips.

1) Reduce your salt and sugar intake.
2) Drink plenty of water.
3) Watch your weight
4) Avoid Alcohol
5) Perform facial exercises

I hope you find these tips useful and please do share other tips, which have worked for you too. Lots of Love xx

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