How I Stay Motivated to Workout & Eat Clean

By Joanna 27/02/2017 In
Fitness Tips


Are you hearing yourself saying:
- I don’t feel like exercising
- I don’t have time to exercise
- Let me just skip my workout for today
- Let me just indulge and be good tomorrow
If you are, what this video through to learn my best 5 tips which has keep me motivated to exercise and eat well, even while travelling.

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My 5 Tips to Stay Motivated
1) Track Your Meals & Fitness Progress
2) Set a Specific Goal
3) Plan Ahead
4) Commit Publicly
5) Don't be too hard on yourself but don't give yourself excuses either

I created this video in collaboration with Lifesum, which is currently my favourite fitness app. Try it out. =)

Lots of Love xx

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