Ladies, let’s talk about our breasts! Yup, your breasts are beautiful and unique to you.They are the most intimate part of a woman’s body and can make you feel confident in your day to day life. One of the most common questions I get asked is "How Can I REDUCE or INCREASE the Size of My Breasts?" Watch this video to learn the 5 Facts You Should Know About Your Breasts:

1) Breasts come in all shapes and sizes

2) You can’t really increase your bust size

3) Your breast size changes according to your weight

4) What you see on social media has been enhanced!

5) You Need to wear a sports bra when exercising

As our body and lifestyle changes through age, our breasts will also keep changing. I hope this video has taught you more about your breasts so that you can start to set a more realistic expectation for yourself. Most importantly is to stay healthy and love your body for what it is! =)



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