I’m planning to film the “Ask Joanna” videos more often, hopefully once a month, to answer any fitness or nutritional questions you have. I would love to personally answer all of you, however due to the sheer amount of questions, it is not always possible. So I hope this monthly section will not only help you, but others with similar questions too.

In this video, the questions I've featured are:

1) If you skip a workout one day, does doubling your time the next time you work out make up for that skipped day? Is it safe? Is it just as effective? Thanks! (Jessica Perez)

2) I was wondering.... Is it necessary to bring changes in your workout routine once in a while? Some say that u need to increase the intesity... I am always confused about it...BTW Thanks for everything.. I love your videos and wanna become a fitness blogger too. (Sachchi Chitrakar)

3) These days I go to sleep late and wake up late how do I go about meals then? Since I can't squeeze in 5 little meals, how does it work with 3 meals? I fear I eat too little and therefore don't lose the weight. (Barr Kovesh)

4) I have a question about slimming down the thighs. Currently, I'm doing the "thigh gap workout" and "high intensity thigh workout", but which one is more suitable? (Ayano Yuka)

5) Is it possible for you to gain 1kg in a day? How much weight do we change in a day? (Jo an)

These are just 5 common questions, which most of you tend to ask. I hope this has helped you out. I’ll aim to answer more of your questions in the next “Ask Joanna” video. If you have any questions, do leave them in the comments below. All the best! xx

Lots of Love xx

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