With so much of information available out there, I’m sure you’ve come across lots of different fitness advice. It can get really confusing on what works, and what is just too good to be true. These are some common fitness misconceptions and also questions I get asked on a daily basis! Watch this video and let's get the facts RIGHT!

1) I want to TURN my Fats into Muscles

2) I can eat whatever I want, because I workout

3) Can I only do cardio and not lift weights?

4) I will gain fat once I stop lifting weights

5) I want to only reduce my hips or belly fats

6) Eating carbs will make me fat!

7) Longer workout produces better results

The more you learn about your own body through nutrition and training, and the more you educate yourself in all areas of fitness, the better you will be in creating and implementing these information and techniques that will help you achieve your fitness goals. SHARE this video on!!




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