28-Day Ramadan Weight Loss Meal Plan

By Joanna 03/05/2019 In
Meal Plans
Happy Blessed Ramadan to all my muslim followers. It’s that holy time of the year again where you will be fasting for long hours. This is also the perfect time to make significant changes to your lifestyle.
To guide you through, I’ve put together a 28-Day Ramadan Weight Loss Meal Plan and also Workout Plan. 
During the fasting month, your metabolism will slow down, so it’s important that you eat right to have enough energy but not overdoing it. Do read my tips and tricks on making healthier food choices for Iftar and Suhoor, the portion sizes and also foods to avoid.
And do also check out my tips on exercising - how often should you workout, how intense, how long, what type of exercises, and when is the best time to workout. 
Do download and print them out and let’s make this commitment to have a Fitter Fasting Month.
>> Download PDF <<
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