Never Miss a Monday

By Joanna 20/08/2018 In
Fitness Tips

#NeverMissAMonday Set the tone for this week with a good workout and a healthy meal. Remember, your goals are met with small, daily choices! You got this. 

I’ve been following this rule for a couple of years now even when I travel. Why? How has it helped me?
- I’ve learned DISCIPLINE. That means working out or doing things even when I don’t feel like it because I know I’ll WIN long term.
- It never fails to set me up for a STRONG and SOLID week ahead. I believe that how you start your Monday will set the tone for the rest of your week.
- It’s now a HABIT and part of my lifestyle. I don’t give myself excuses but rather I’d arrange my schedule or find creative ways to get myself MOVING
- It’s my HAPPY PLACE - my me time because my body deserves love, respect and attention! 

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