How to Love Yourself

By Joanna 30/12/2019 In
Fitness Tips

Let me tell you a weight loss secret that will change your life forever. No, it’s not exercising and no, it’s not a new diet or special supplements. It’s about giving yourself love. You might be wondering, how can LOVE relate to weight loss. Watch this video through, ok? 

Do you here this conversation playing in your head over and over again?

“I hate the way I look. How can I love myself in this body? Well, when I’ve lost 20lbs and gain a flat belly, that’s when I’ll love myself more.” This constant self-loath, or punishing yourself, in hopes that you will start loving yourself once you’ve achieved your goal will ONLY sabotage your weight loss journey. 

To make positive changes, you must learn to love yourself first. You have to LOVE YOURSELF even before you can lose weight and keep it off for good! It doesn’t mean that you have to be happy with your current body or state of health, but when you come from a place of self-love and acceptance, your weight loss journey would inspire you, energise you and make you feel proud of yourself.

You’re able to set realistic goals, celebrate small successes along the way and accept the little setbacks and disappointments that may come your way. So what should you do? Here are 5 simple steps you can take to stop hating your body and start giving it the love it deserves.


Self Love & Acceptance

1) Set an Inspiring Goal

It’s not just about the numbers on the scale or trying to fit into that tiny black dress. Of course, that would be amazing! But try going beyond that and set a goal that’ll drive you and inspire you to want to change and make this your lifestyle forever. Perhaps you want to lose weight and be healthier for your children and watch them grow up. Or perhaps you want to run your first marathon this year.

Remember, goal setting isn’t just about coming up with a plan, it has to be purposeful and meaningful for you to start making changes you never thought you’d be able to. So truthfully ask yourself, what’s your purpose? Why is it so important to shed the excess weight off?


2) What do you love about yourself?

Make a list of 10 - 15 things you love about yourself! Include things that you love about your body. Do you have a pair of strong legs? Pretty eyes? What are your strengths as a person? Don’t just think about them in your head. Literally write them down and keep your list close to you, for instance on your mobile phone or stick it to your mirror.

Remembering what you love about yourself every single day puts you in the right mindset to want the best for your body. Now, if you're having trouble making the list, think about what other people you care about have said about you or even ask them.


3) Thank your body

When was the last time you thank your body? Or maybe this idea is something completely new to you. Your body is a marvel. Just think about it, your body never gives up on you, ever! You might put it through some unhealthy habits such as constantly eating junk foods, or not exercising at all, but it’s still moving and doing its things to keep you functioning strong.

Your body helps you think and carry out your work and favourite activities. So take this moment and thank your body for making YOU the person you are; ONE OF A KIND. “Thank you, body for everything you’ve done for me and given me. And I promise to continue to respect and care for you with love.”


4) Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself and the way you’ve treated your body in the past. Have you overeaten, dieted, starved your body, over-exercised or not exercised at all? That’s all in the past, and you can’t change it. You can, however, forgive yourself and commit to start treating your body with more respect and love.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. Here’s a secret, no body does! Keep moving forward and keep trying, because this journey will teach you to understand and discover more about yourself day by day.


5) Stop Comparing Yourself

Stop comparing yourself with others. It’s not about being stronger, slimmer or fitter than someone else. Why do that if it’s only going to make you feel unhappy or bad about yourself?

We are all different, and who you are and what YOU look like is unique. You’re only competition is the reflection you see in the mirror. This is YOUR journey in being the best version of yourself, not someone else’s.


Self-love and acceptance starts from this very moment, right now. Hear this, it is YOUR responsibility to yourself to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, not someone else’s. So as you begin your weight loss journey this new year, I just want to say to you that, You are beautiful, you are loved and you got this!

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