Workout Plan to Train According to Your Menstrual Cycle

By Joanna 18/10/2017 In
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Have you ever been in this situation? For the past couple of weeks, you’ve been doing so well in your workouts, you’re hitting your personal best and you haven’t missed a session. And out of the sudden, you lose all motivation, you feel sluggish and all you want to do is snack on chips and ice cream which watching TV.

I go through this EVERY MONTH! Ladies, WE ARE NOT MEN! Our body does not function like a MAN, we go through our monthly menstrual cycle, hence our hormones go up and down almost every week.

We can’t always expect to train like a man and we shouldn’t feel bad about it when you can’t push as hard on certain days. But that also doesn’t mean you should just sit back and do nothing.

We have to understand the menstrual cycle and how we women CAN adjust our exercise routine and also food intake to match our body’s internal rhythms. Click HERE to read more about HOW TO WORKOUT & EAT ACCORDING TO MENSTRUAL CYCLE & LOSE WEIGHT.


I’ve put together a 8-Week Workout Plan to Train According to Your Menstrual Cycle. 


Click the link below to download and print it out and start your training! Again, remember this is a guideline as there is very limited research in regards to training with your menstrual cycle. Give it a try, make changes and see what works for you.


>> Download PDF <<
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