8-Minute Morning Workout

By Joanna 31/10/2013 In
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Weight Loss

Want a quick and effective way to lose weight? All you’ll need to do is to get up 8 minutes earlier every morning, do these simple moves, and lose an average of 2lbs per week, with the right meal plan in place.

This workout is based on strength training. The more lean muscles we build in our body, the more fat your body will be burning at rest. Every 1lb of lean muscle helps to burn an additional of 30cals at rest.

Workout Sequence: 2 exercises a day – exercise A & B. Complete a total of 4 cycles.

Repetitions: Complete 12 repetitions from exercise A and immediately another 12 repetitions from exercise B, back to back without resting.

Important Tip: If you find yourself able to do more than 12reps, you will need to increase the weight, if you are not able to do 12 reps, then decrease the weight.

This 8 Minutes Morning Workout is SOLELY for weight loss and does not help to promote fitness gain especially in terms of cardio. I would encourage you to do your regular cardio + strength workout at least 3 times weekly, together with this. You can also combine this workout together with my other total body workout videos to gain the maximum benefits.

All the best!

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