What’s your love language?

By Joanna 12/04/2019 In

What’s your love language? 

Am currently listening to an audiobook by Gary Chapman on the 5 Different Love Languages; quality time, words of affirmation, touch, receiving gifts and act of service. 

We all have one main primary love language, which if fulfilled by our partner or those close to us, it’ll make us feel loved. 

If for instance your primary love language is act of service but if your partner doesn’t help you out with the house chores, yet he always tells you how much he loves you, to you those are just meaningless words. Your love tank will be filled when he starts to willingly help you wash the dishes, take the garbage out and more. 

If your love language is quality time and when you are alone with your partner, he’s constantly on his mobile phone or watching tv whilst chatting with you, well that can frustrate you because you feel like he’s not giving you his full attention or spending quality time with you. 

To feel loved, we all need our love tank to be filled. It’s fascinating to understand the different love languages we all speak and how if we can learn to understand each other’s love languages and take the effort to fulfill that, it can bring us so much close and enhance our relationships.

What is your primary love language?

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