By Joanna 05/10/2017 In

Smile.. Your eyes sparkle when you do.. Plus, it's about time I change my profile picture.

As a teen, I used to feel really insecure about my eyes, because of how small they are. Friends would tease by calling me "mata sepet", which means slit eyes. You'd think that most Asians have small monolid eyes, but that's not true, ALL my friends have big beautiful double eyelid, except me. Mine disappears when I smile.

I even remember a plastic surgeon recommended that I get double eyelid surgery at 16, and told me how it would "lift" my face. Well, I did try wearing those plastic eyelid stickers just to make them look 0.0001mm bigger. Didn't last for more than one day.

Gosh, talking about what society makes you think you SHOULD look like and the definition of "beauty". No matter what you look like, embrace yourself and be YOUR OWN version of good, not someone else's. I AM BEAUTIFUL.

What do or did you use to feel insecure about? What's the worse thing someone has said about you?

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