My happy place

By Joanna 28/10/2017 In

My happy place. Have you heard of the concept of "finding your SWEET SPOT?". I've only heard of this early this year. To simply put, your "sweet spot" is when you're able to combine your PASSION (what drives you + your values) with your SKILLS (what you're good at). That's when you're able to be at, what I like to call it, your "happy place".

When I first started sharing videos online, I didn't even know of this concept, but I guess I unintentionally found my "sweet spot". I was at a crossroad of being really unhappy with my current job. So I had a deep think and asked myself, do I want to continue down this road of being unhappy and keep on moaning about it or am I going to take control of my own life and happiness. So I actually wrote down - what is it that I really wanted to do (passion) and what am I actually good at (skills)?

I knew that I wanted to make an impact in people's life through health & fitness. And coming from a background of performance and media, I know about video production, plus the demand for online content was growing. So, I decided to quit my secured full-time job, and started filming and uploading content EVERY WEEK until today. It's my "happy place" and I FREAKING LOVE IT!

You might not be able to find your "sweet spot" immediately. I didn't. If you're going to do something for a long time, you got to at least LOVE what you do. So if you haven't yet found it, don't stop exploring, and don't settle.

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