Meet the Her Network Squad

By Joanna 30/05/2017 In

Meet the HER Network squad! A year ago, I had a vision of expanding my YouTube channel into a female network that'll offer a wider and more diverse content to all of you. Today, we all got together for the first time and yes, it was non-stop chatting.

It funny how you just connect immediately with some of the people you meet in your life, although you may have only met them once or twice. That was the case with all these ladies. Each of them are so driven in the work they do and I truly admire that in them.

HER Network is OUR platform and I promise to give my best to keep growing this platform and to provide all of you, our followers, with meaningful and engaging video content that'll continue to inspire you to live your best life.

You'll get to watch new videos from all of us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my YouTube channel @JoannaSohOfficial. Go and check it out! You'll love it!

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