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By Joanna 26/08/2018 In

Hi, I’m Joanna.. I grew up in a really small town by the beach in Malaysia.. When I was growing up, we didn’t have McDonalds, a cinema, pubs or clubs to go to. We used to admire those city kids who got to collect the toys from the “happy meals”.

No movie date nights or fancy restaurants. Well, A&W was the fanciest. Ahhh.. who remembers the good old rootbeer float and that bear with a huge belly!

To keep up, our only option was to purchased pirated DVDs and go over to a friend’s place to catch the “latest film”. By then, the movie was probably 3 months old and out of the cinema.

Our only “entertainment” was the beach. We used to play volleyball, kayak, swim in the ocean and even slept on the beach (like literally!) and of course got bitten by mosquitoes. Hey, that’s pretty romantic eh.. 

What did we do on weekends? Well daddy would take us fishing and sometimes we’ll hike to a waterfall and swim in that freezing cold water. I really miss that..

At the craziest point, we had 16 dogs, 100 over birds (I am NOT kidding you!), 30+ chickens, hamsters and goldfish. My house was a mini zoo.

Oh not forgetting jumping into the monsoon drain to catch tadpoles. Oh yeah, I was a right tomboy. You better keep up with me!

What about you? Tell me about yourself.

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