Staying Home 24/7 and My Progress

By Joanna 15/04/2020 In

It’s already 4 weeks of staying at home and doing home workouts. I’m loving my progress so far. I’ve actually lost almost 5lbs and also leaning up more. It’s really interesting to see what your body can do especially when you are consistent with it. What has changed?

  • Well my sleep has improved a lot! No annoying alarm clock to wake me up. My body clock wakes me up at exactly the same time every day and I feel refresh.
  • Way less stress, not from work (because I enjoy it!) but just from the hassle of being stucked in traffic jams and rushing from one place to another.
  • I’ve been really consistent with my workouts at home! Filming live videos with all of you, doing workouts on and also my own strength training with VERY minimal equipment.
  • Have I been eating super clean? Hack NO! In fact, I think I’ve enjoyed a lot more snacks while watching Netflix. But the fact that we cooked almost every meal, we’re able to better control our portion as well as all the ingredients that go into the meal.

In essence, health & fitness is so much more than just your diet and exercise. It has a lot to do with your sleep, stress level and state of MIND as well. When every aspect is in sync, that’s when the results will come rather effortlessly.

What has your experience been so far by being home 24/7? Do your clothes feel tighter? Or are you starting to see a breakthrough in your fitness journey? Do share with me in the comments below!

I think it’ll be super interesting to hear from each other as we’re all different and our lifestyle is different as well.


- Joanna -

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