Why Women Should Lift Weights

By Joanna 04/04/2017 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core


Is weight training part of your routine? Do you only do cardio? Are you not lifting because you're afraid to be BULKY? Watch this video and find out why we women SHOULD lift weights!

Do you believe that:
- Weight training is only for men
- Weight training is going to make you big and bulky
- If you stop lifting, your muscles turn to fat
- It's all about the number on the scale

If so, watch this video through because I want to change your perception and I want you to START LIFTING!

Why Women Should Lift Weights
1) Burn more fat
2) Shape your curves
3) Build and maintain muscles
4) Boost energy and mood
5) Strengthens the mind
6) Stronger and more confidence

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