Total Body Strength Training Gym Routine

By Joanna 08/10/2018 In
Workout With Me
Gym Routine


Here's my total body strength training gym routine which targets all the major muscles, your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and core. Working on your entire body is key to build strength and to lose weight.



1) Wide Smith Machine Squat

2) Walking Lunges

3) Lat Pulldown

4) Seated Cable Row

5) Dumbbell Fly

6) Low Cable Crossover

7) Tricep Dips

8) Full Extension


Sets: 3 - 4

Reps: 15 - 20

Rest: 30 - 60 secs in between sets.

Total Workout Time: 60 mins


Do these exercises 2 - 3 times weekly. Don't forget to also fit in your HIIT and cardio workout.

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