Total Body Balance Workout

By Joanna 17/12/2013 In
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Total Body HIIT


Challenge your balance with these moves! A good balance equals a strong core, which is something I am still working on myself.

Workouts which require balancing will force more muscles and your core to work simultaneously. So start mixing your workout routine up with these balancing workouts.
1) Single Leg Lunge
2) Balancing Row
3) Balancing Tilt
4) Half Turkish Get Up

These workouts can be challenging, do not attempt to rush through the exercises. Aim to keep your balance throughout the workout by looking at one focal point. Just like any other exercises, it takes time and practice to improve your balance. Aim to do this workout twice weekly, 3 sets, for best result.

These total body exercises will improve your core strength, balance and help you to tone up as well. Enjoy! =)

Lots of Love xx

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